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The rivalry of Buck and Spitz

Spitz a rival of Buck. Spitz is a husky that was apart of Francois and Perrault's sledding team. The rivalry between Spitz and Buck was like two lineman on apposing teams at a football game. One time Spitz and Buck started to fight out of nowhere. They both had scars after that one. Francois knew one day that Spitz and Buck would fight to the death and he was hoping that Buck would win. Early the next morning, Francois and Perrault got the dogs together and was sledding to Dawson. But they knew that it was going to be a long and hard journey. As Spitz was walking on the ice and it broke. Spitz and some of the other dogs fell through. Francois and Buck pulled them out the freezing cold water. When they pulled them their body was like an ice cube. But the weather couldn't stop them from gaining some miles.
   Night broke, it was time for the dogs to be fed. As Francois was feeding the other dogs, Spitz and Buck stared to fight again but this time Buck didn't make a mark o…
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The narrative on Dave

My name is Dave. I'm the lead dog. I am the fairest and wisest of all the dogs. The order of we pull the sled is Buck,me,Sol-leks, and then the rest of the dogs. Living with the dogs you will have to learn fast and also be fast.And what I mean by that is, don't take your time eating your food, eat every meal like it is your last. Buck had to learn that the hard way but when I was new to the pack, I also learned it the hard way. As a pup I was the most laid back and calm, but my brothers and sister were not. They were jumping and playing around all the time. "Have fun be a pup," my mom told me, but I was still as chill and as calm as a log. Growing up I learned by watching and learning. I saw a lot of things that I wouldn't talk about.
   The next morning as we were pulling the sled, the ice and snow mixture caught Sol-leks and he slipped, but we had to keep moving. So as hard as it was the pack kept going and Sol-leks is just getting dragged along. We went f…